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Moving to a new city can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially when you are looking for a comfortable place to stay. If you're planning to move to Chennai and are considering serviced apartments, then this blog post is just for you! Here are ten quick tips to help you experience a smooth transition to your serviced apartment in Chennai - your new home away from home!   

Tip #1 Plan Ahead of Moving

Meticulous planning is imperative for a smooth transition to a new space! Create a timeframe wherein you will conduct thorough research for the potential serviced apartments in Chennai, making the list of the selected ones and contacting our customer care executive for further information. This step also includes planning that involves arranging the transfer of utilities and appropriate packaging of your belongings. Planning ahead of moving will be super-helpful in alleviating the last-minute head-pounding stress and ensures a seamless transition into your new living space. 

Tip #2 Research the Location for a Better Understanding of Your Neighbourhood

Another crucial tip is thoroughly researching serviced apartments at various locations in the city. Consider factors like proximity to work, public transportation, hospitals, schools, and shopping centres while selecting an area to live in. AdoPremium offers luxurious serviced apartments in prime locations across Chennai, ensuring convenience and comfort.

Tip #3 Openly Communicate with Our Customer Care Executive

An open and effective communication with us is crucial to understand your needs and preferences. It further helps us understand your special needs and make every desired arrangement prior to your arrival.  At AdoPremium, we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Tip #4 Prepare Necessary Documents

Make sure you have all the necessary documents ready before moving into your serviced apartment. These may include proof of identity, rental agreement, and payment receipt.

Tip #5 Pack Smartly

While packing, prioritise essentials and keep them handy during transit. Remember to label boxes clearly so unpacking becomes easier once you reach your destination.

Tip #6 Check Inventory Upon Arrival

Once you arrive at your serviced apartment in Chennai, check the inventory list provided by the management against what has been delivered. Report any discrepancies to us immediately so that we can take prompt action and make your stay comfortable.

Tip #7 Familiarise Yourself with House Rules

Each serviced apartment complex has its own set of rules regarding noise levels, visitors, pet policies, etc. Ensure you understand these guidelines to maintain harmony within the community.

Tip #8 Get Acquainted With Neighbourhood

Explore nearby areas, learn about local markets, eateries, pharmacies, and other important establishments. It helps if you know where things are located in case of emergencies.

Tip #9 Stay Connected with Us

Keep emergency contact numbers handy including your Relationship Manager, maintenance staff, property manager, and neighbours. Having their details saves time and hassle during unexpected situations.

Tip #10 Utilise Services Offered

Avail housekeeping, laundry, or concierge services offered by your serviced apartment provider. They aim to provide a worry-free living experience allowing you more time to focus on settling into your new environment.

We firmly believe that following these tips will help a hassle-free transition to your serviced apartment in Chennai! 

At AdoPremium, we ensure our guests feel right at home from day one. Our team provides personalised assistance throughout your stay, catering to your individual preferences and requirements. From stylish interiors to modern conveniences, each aspect of our service reflects our commitment towards delivering exceptional standards of hospitality. 

Experience luxury living only at AdoPremium - Home Beyond Borders!

Frequently Asked Questions About Serviced Apartment in Chennai 

Q1. Are serviced apartments cheaper than hotels? 
Yes! Serviced apartments in Chennai are more budget-friendly than hotels. They offer cost-effective options, especially for longer stays, with amenities like kitchen and laundry facilities, making them a preferred choice for many travellers seeking affordability without compromising comfort. 

Q2. Why do people stay in serviced apartments? 
People opt for serviced apartments for various reasons, including comfort, luxury, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. Serviced apartments offer a home-like feel and environment with added benefits of housekeeping, maintenance, and other perks such as gymnasiums and swimming pools, making them a perfect choice for short and long-term stays. 

Q3. How long can I stay in a serviced apartment in Chennai?
The duration of your stay at a serviced apartment in Chennai can vary based on the provider and your specific requirements. While some serviced apartments offer a short-term stay for a few days or weeks, others cater to long-term stays spanning months or even years. 

Q4. What are the amenities of a serviced accommodation? 
To provide unparalleled comfort and convenient stay, serviced apartments aim to offer amenities such as housekeeping services, equipped kitchens, internet access, fully-furnished living spaces, on-site gymnasiums, swimming pools, and much more. 

Q5. What is the main difference between a serviced apartment and a non-serviced apartment? 
 The main difference between a serviced apartment and a non-serviced apartment lies in the amenities and the level of services provided. Serviced apartments in Chennai offer additional perks such as maintenance, housekeeping, and utilities included in rent, making them perfect for short or long-term stays. 


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